This elegant and timeless Asma Kaftan is made from luxurious floral pattern jacquard.

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ملاحظات أخرى
رمز المنتج : 78100
الأقسام : قفاطين
نوع القماش : 3D jacquard lurex 100% Polyester
شامل الحزام : لا
تنظيف : تنظيف جاف
معظم المنتجات المعروضة "تفصيل" الا اذا تم ذكره من قبل البوتيك او المصممة. يرجى منك كتابة مقاسك المناسب او مقاس الجسم اواختيار احدى المقاسات العامة بناء على الطول ومقاس الجسم الكلي على سبيل المثال ( 54" + ميديم) .. للتفاصيل وعرض جدول المقاسات.. يرجى الضغط هنا
Country Flags   الشحن من الامارات العربية المتحدة
مدة التوصيل (تقريبي) : 3 - 6 يوم
Demure collection is a fusion between Cultural heritage of world’s largest Muslim country Indonesia and Gulf, redefining a new creative encounter between Middle Eastern contemporary modesty and Indonesia’s rich modest wear heritage. Introducing the Demure Collection, a captivating fusion that intertwines the cultural heritage of Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country, with the contemporary modesty of the Gulf. This extraordinary encounter redefines the boundaries of Middle Eastern modesty and Indonesia's rich legacy of modest wear, giving rise to a new realm of creativity. Inspired by the vivid dreams of its visionary founders, whose roots trace back to the world of Italian luxury, Demure breathes life into a captivating juxtaposition between Abaya fashion and traditional luxury attire. Through creative depictions, Demure showcases the remarkable possibilities of modest womenswear, maintaining an essence of chic allure while embracing the essence of conservative elegance. Beyond our commitment to fashion, Demure & Co takes pride in collaborating with individuals and businesses dedicated to empowering underprivileged women. As a platform, we provide a voice to these courageous women, sharing their inspiring stories with the world. By doing so, we aim to showcase their inherent value and resilience, fostering a sense of inclusivity and empowerment. Through our brand, we aspire to not only offer exceptional modest wear fashion but also create a meaningful impact, celebrating the strength and determination of underprivileged women.
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