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About Us

Welcome to Boksha, the region’s online marketplace solely dedicated to discover remarkable, authentic designs made by local homegrown talent.

We are a platform to support and expose unique local designers and brands. The idea behind Boksha is to build a sustainable marketplace in order to empower entrepreneurs and home businesses. The platform provides a seamless and secure shopping experience for the shoppers while also providing designers with the right tools to streamline processes and manage their businesses more efficiently.  

Boksha is a testament to the small, independently-owned business.

The name Boksha comes originally from Khaleeji dialect. It is the piece of fabric that was tied from the top and used as a carrier by street sellers to keep their garments. It was then placed on the ground to showcase their items for sale in the markets.

Boksha Platform LLC, Dubai Business Village, Hamdan Innovation Incubator, Dubai, UAE, PO Box 93848