The Sheila Box

Sheila is an Emirati term that refers to the fabric or head scarf that Muslim women use to cover their head. Today it goes beyond cultural or religious connotations, and have become fashion statements for many, as they vary with color and style across regions. The Sheila Box wants to make buying trendy every Sheila’s convenient and hassle free. We cater to the Khaleeji community, and the modest and Hijabi community worldwide. Every box is treated with a touch of love !

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Beach Vacation

Set of 4 luxe embroidered headscarves in a Beach-themed colours: Sand, Blue, Teal & Sage.

AED 400

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Product ID : 18447

Duration : 10 - 13 Days

Item fabric : Japan Voile

Designer note : Made of a special Japan Voile fabric

SKU: 184471599689908

SKU: 101149088300
Materials: 100% Modal

Modal is a luxuriously soft botanic silk fabric made out of European beechwood. Because of modal's botanic origin. it is particularly eco-friendly and its fineness is comparable to that of natural silk.

Dry Clean Only

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