Ranosh blends in modern textures and classic modest styles to create a chic and contemporary collection of abayas.

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Ranosh76 Abaya
Black Abaya with collar and de...

JOD 133.00 JOD 171.00

Ranosh81 Abaya
Black abaya with handcrafted s...

JOD 247.00

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Ranosh 50 Abaya
Black abaya with patterned ove...

JOD 102.60 JOD 171.00

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Ranosh78 Abaya
Black coat Abaya with contrast...

JOD 163.40 JOD 228.00

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Ranosh13 Abaya
Black Abaya with diagonal pint...

JOD 133.00 JOD 228.00

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Ranosh82 Abaya
Black Abaya with round necklin...

JOD 161.50 JOD 228.00

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Ranosh Abaya
Black Abaya with overlapping n...

JOD 72.20 JOD 142.50

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Ranosh Abaya
Classic black abaya with feath...

JOD 176.70 JOD 247.00

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Ranosh abaya
Maroon abaya with hood featuri...

JOD 136.80 JOD 190.00

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Ranosh Abaya 
Classy black abaya with a mode...

JOD 142.50 JOD 190.00

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Plasiya Abaya
Abaya with with a modern twist...

JOD 171.00 JOD 228.00

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Ranosh Abaya
Black velvet abaya featuring a...

JOD 152.00 JOD 228.00