As Albatröss, we made sure to break free from cages that held us down, so that we spread our wings, lift up, and reach the impossible and leaving memorable traces wherever we go.

SS19/37 Abaya
black abaya with scattered whi...

AED 1200

SS19/44 Abaya
Black abaya with drop black be...

AED 1650

SS19/29 Abaya
White abaya with stones and w...

AED 1350

SS19/27 Abaya
Light brown abaya with sports ...

AED 1250

SS19/32 Abaya
White abaya with small black i...

AED 1400

SS19/21 Abaya
White abaya with attached hang...

AED 1300

SS19/22 Abaya
Light gray with tulle and atta...

AED 1150

SS19/28 Abaya
brown abaya with sports collar...

AED 1400

SS19/66 Abaya
Light gray abaya with square p...

AED 1100

SS19/16 Abaya
Black abaya with feather and b...

AED 1200

SS19/55 Abaya
Black abaya with hanging lapel...

AED 1800

Classic-08 Abay
Black organza party abaya with...

AED 1550

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