Bronzed Abaya

Bronzed Abaya

Bronzed abaya is a small Bahraini business owned by Fatima and Zainab since 2019. Our aim and goal is to deliver our products with the highest quality at reasonable prices. We are also interested in trendy and fashionable abayas. 

Black Jumpsuit
Unique black jumpsuit mix with...

AED 400

Eid abaya
Luxury abaya with hand made be...

AED 470

Black tafta
Unique abaya mixed with 2 fabr...

AED 350

Glitter abaya
Luxury unique abaya with glitt...

AED 370

Blue occasion
Simple abaya with elegant colo...

AED 450

Ombré abaya
Luxe brown crushed glittered c...

AED 380

Classic black
Black and red layered abaya wi...

AED 360

Pearly abaya
Classes abaya set with special...

AED 380

Classy abaya
Full abaya set with elegant dr...

AED 450

Crystal abaya
Unique luxury abaya with heavy...

AED 500

Crystal scarf
Luxury Crystal tulle headscarf...

AED 160

Pinky mukhawar
Luxury mukhawar kaftan with un...

AED 270