By Dana Alansari

By Dana Alansari

Get dressed quickly and look classy, feel comfortable with affordable underabaya dresses and travel sets for women. Dana Al Ansari believes in protecting the environment by using reusable bags.

Breezy (17)
Elegant under abaya dress feat...

AED 650

Crinkle (16)
Crushed fabric under abaya can...

AED 450

Cloud (15)
White underabaya dress featuri...

AED 540

Air (14)
Color block under abaya dress ...

AED 480

Retro (13)
2-piece Retro-inspired set fea...

AED 550

Parallel (12)
Stitched pink/white colorblock...

AED 580

Slit (11) Dress
Chic dress with clean lines, f...

AED 520

Pose (10) Set
Chic 2-piece set featuring a b...

AED 520

Muffle (09)
Sage green dress featuring an ...

AED 730

glare (06) Set
2-piece travel set that includ...

AED 530

Aurora (05)
Chic under abaya maxidress fea...

AED 506

strain (04)
Classic maxi under abaya with ...

AED 495

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