calla lily abaya

calla lily abaya

We are as extraordinary as our namesake. Our unique and wearable abaya designs are guaranteed to add some style quotient to your everyday dressing.

Modern Set
Turkish linen patterned long j...

IQD 178726.50

Pattern Jalabya
Patterned jalabiya with fringe...

IQD 139009.50

11% OFF
Ruffle Dress
Off white maxi dress with loos...

IQD 158868.00 IQD 178726.50

14% OFF
Off white offshoulder dress wi...

IQD 119151.00 IQD 139009.50

16% OFF
Offwhite Dress
Off White cotton dress with as...

IQD 150924.60 IQD 178726.50

15% OFF
Ramadan Dress
Foiled dress with contrast sid...

IQD 135037.80 IQD 158868.00

Blue Abaya
Royal blue abaya with embroide...

IQD 158868.00

Bahraini Crepe
Royal blue abaya with lace tri...

IQD 158868.00

6% OFF
Eyelet Abaya
Black eyelet abaya with collar...

IQD 178726.50 IQD 190641.60

Crepe & Leather
Black crepe abaya with tulle a...

IQD 158868.00

Crepe Abaya
Modern black abaya with leathe...

IQD 158868.00