Cucire is a hand-made clothing brand, helping women breath confidence & modesty yet enjoy peak comfort and elegance.

8% OFF
Silver abaya
Shimmer silver abaya with balo...

AED 490 AED 530

17% OFF
White Fur Abaya
Classic and elegant white silk...

AED 580 AED 700

13% OFF
Silver Bahraini
Shimmer chiffon bahraini abaya...

AED 700 AED 800

25% OFF
casual abaya
Casual peach bahraini style ab...

AED 600 AED 800

lilac Abaya
Pretty lavender bahraini style...

AED 685

6% OFF
Abaya Dress
The abaya is made from soft sh...

AED 800 AED 850

5% OFF
Crystal Abaya
Wine color silk abaya with cry...

AED 780 AED 820

9% OFF
Eid Abaya
Black abaya with delicate whit...

AED 670 AED 740

Eid Abaya
Pretty front closed abaya with...

AED 670

19% OFF
Casual Abaya
Casual black bahraini style ab...

AED 645 AED 800

10% OFF
Blue jumpsuit
Pure linen wide leg jumpsuit w...

AED 540 AED 600

22% OFF
Linen Jumpsuit
Pure linen jumpsuit with a mat...

AED 660 AED 850