Dar almuzn

Dar almuzn

Dar almuzn is a Bahrain-based clothing line that has a strong passion for all things stylish and fashionable. Our brand specializes in modern abayas and kaftans with impeccable details and we incorporate various fabrics into our pieces.

11% OFF
Dm20-29 Jalabya
Peach jalabiya with tulle over...

AED 850 AED 950

10% OFF
Dm20-30 Jalabya
Gray jalabiya with V-neckline ...

AED 900 AED 1000

13% OFF
Black Luxe Abaya featuring a t...

AED 1350 AED 1550

16% OFF
Dm18-J32 Kaftan
Beige kaftan featuring a sheer...

AED 1550 AED 1850

8% OFF
Dm20_A50 Abaya
Taupe open-front abaya with la...

AED 1150 AED 1250

10% OFF
Dm20-A35 Abaya
Elevate your daily black abaya...

AED 900 AED 1000

13% OFF
Dm21-A02 Abaya
This black abaya exudes elegan...

AED 1350 AED 1550

6% OFF
Dm20J27 Dress
Fancy an afternoon tea? Elevat...

AED 1550 AED 1650

4% OFF
Black abaya with intricate Gol...

AED 1250 AED 1300

20% OFF
Dm19-A44 Abaya
Luxe abaya featuring a pattern...

AED 1200 AED 1500

5% OFF
Dm20-A17 Abaya
Subdued Olive green abaya with...

AED 950 AED 1000

6% OFF
White modern embellished kafta...

AED 1500 AED 1600

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