DLA Style

DLA Style

Turban & Beanie Headwear Designs by DLA STYLE With Arabian influence, an African blend & a touch of the 1920’ DLA Style create unique & stunning Turban & Beanie headwear designs. We also Design for babies & children. Perfect for Ramadan, Dinner event with the family, A short trip or the oscars. a lady wearing our headwear designs will always attract attention. We invite to eternally be stylish, elegant, chic, classy & fashionable as you showcase individuality with our unique headwear designs.

Ebony Turban
Designer headwear from the Bli...

AED 195

Maria Turban
Beautiful Silver shimmer 2 in ...

AED 285

Peach Sandal
Peach T-strap flat sandals wit...

AED 640

Azure Sandals
Blue T-strap flat sandals with...

AED 695

Noir Sandals
Black T-strap flat sandals wit...

AED 695

Fleur Sandal
Leather toe-ring flat sandals ...

AED 600

GoldLeaf Sandal
T-strap flat sandals with adju...

AED 650

Amber Sandals
T-strap flat sandals with ankl...

AED 550

Opera Turban
Black Stretch headwear embedde...

AED 125

Jet Turban
Glamorous 2 in 1 headwear from...

AED 195

Festi Turban
Glitzy 2 in 1 headwear from th...

AED 195

Taupe Turban
Taupe Lace Headwear from the D...

AED 145

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