Duha fashion

Duha fashion

Duha Fashion is an original creation of an ESMOD Graduate designer, making limited edition pieces that are simple and unique but stay true to traditional Khaleeji dressing. We also cater custom made evening dresses, kaftan and abayas.

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Horse abaya
Black crepe abaya with hand dr...

IDR 2890055.61 IDR 3615494.67

golden bisht
Luxe gold bisht featuring gold...

IDR 2145115.50

simple bisht
Open-style abaya featuring a s...

IDR 1891601.85

golden abaya
Tafetta open abaya featuring a...

IDR 2242620.75

20% OFF
Rose dress
Nude maxi dress featuring a pl...

IDR 2340126.00 IDR 2925157.50

happiness dress
Nude wrap dress with puffed sl...

IDR 2457132.30

Rose Kaftan
Rose fibre kaftan with long sl...

IDR 5850315.00

Diana dress
Luxe black guipure lace dress ...

IDR 2632641.75

23% OFF
zumorod kaftan
Royal purple traditional kafta...

IDR 1950105.00 IDR 2535136.50

sultana kaftan
Green traditional kaftan adorn...

IDR 3120168.00