Eli’s Label

Eli’s Label

Eli’s label is a fashion brand founded by a Bahrani woman Elham Kotobi. The brand presents stylish, elegant and chic women who are looking for fashionable, casual, and accessible style

EL 390 Abaya
Reversible open abaya in a gor...

AED 537

EL 361 Abaya
Off white classic abaya with b...

AED 620

EL 376 Abaya
Black abaya with contrast embr...

AED 497

EL 363 Abaya
Yellow abaya with wide collar....

AED 570

EL 377 Abaya
Black Abaya with embellished s...

AED 560

EL 373 Abaya
Collared abaya with embellishe...

AED 1478

EL 354 Abaya
Old Rose and light blue colorb...

AED 775

EL 357 Set
2-piece beige set of shirt wit...

AED 638

EL 371 Abaya
Brown raw silk abaya with coll...

AED 1010

EL 385 Abaya
Open light velvet Bisht Abaya ...

AED 450

EL 375 Abaya
Black beaded nida abaya with p...

AED 497