Eli’s Label

Eli’s Label

Eli’s label is a fashion brand founded by a Bahrani woman Elham Kotobi. The brand presents stylish, elegant and chic women who are looking for fashionable, casual, and accessible style

EL 272
mastered dress with decoration...

AED 500

EL 270
boat neck long dress covered w...

AED 525

EL 268
Long embroidery off white dres...

AED 630

EL 239 Abaya
Off-white floral abaya with ov...

AED 1575

EL 236 Abaya
Blue collared abaya with an ir...

AED 525

EL 247 Dress
Cobalt blue traditional dress ...

AED 700

EL 246 Dress
Cyan Traditional dress with wi...

AED 600

EL 244 Dress
Black traditional dress featur...

AED 650

EL 240 Abaya
Black abaya with velvet trimmi...

AED 683

EL235 Tweed Set
2-piece set featuring a tweed ...

AED 840

EL 237 Abaya
Black abaya featuring a layerd...

AED 578

EL 190 Abaya
Light black taffeta abaya feat...

AED 578

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