Eli’s Label

Eli’s Label

Eli’s label is a fashion brand founded by a Bahrani woman Elham Kotobi. The brand presents stylish, elegant and chic women who are looking for fashionable, casual, and accessible style

EL 05-23 W
Colored abaya with embellished...

AED 490

EL 42-23 W
Colored tweed abaya

AED 990

EL 41 Abaya
Black collared abaya with cove...

AED 730

EL 40-23 W
Colored Abaya with collar. Com...

AED 520

EL 21-24 S
Colored bottoned blazer

AED 585

EL 27-23 S
Colored crepe abaya

AED 575

EL 19-23 S
Colored lenin bisht

AED 676