Ellienoor is an Abaya brand showing elegance and simplicity with a touch of creativity in its design.

Daily blue silk abaya. With em...

INR 11137.50

EL1 130 Not available
EL1 130
‏A light and cool summer abaya...

INR 11542.50

A black crepe daily abaya With...

INR 10530.00

EL 128 Abaya
A soft crepe beige bisht abaya...

INR 10935.00

EL 127 Abaya
Grey daily coat abaya with puf...

INR 12352.50

EL 126
Black & white cape abaya with ...

INR 11947.50

EL 125 Abaya
A medley of soft linen abaya w...

INR 13365.00

EL 124 Abaya Not available
EL 124 Abaya
A soft peach & light green aba...

INR 9720.00

EL 123 Abaya
A black & green linen abaya wi...

INR 13162.50

EL 122
A light cotton abaya with stri...

INR 9720.00

EL 121
A light crepe abaya with embro...

INR 9112.50

EL 120
A baby blue abaya with light o...

INR 9517.50