Elysium Store

Elysium Store

At Elysium, we make sure that you look your best with our simple yet stunning designs.

Black blazer
Two-Tone Abaya with Blazer Cut...

AED 330

White lines
Black abaya featuring white li...

AED 330

Black & Brown
Two-tone abaya complemented by...

AED 350

Blue jeans
Light blue abaya paired with a...

AED 330

9% OFF
Buttons Abaya
Causal Abaya with buttons

AED 300 AED 330

9% OFF
Grey button
Grey Abaya with white button

AED 300 AED 330

10% OFF
Gloves Abaya
Black daily Abaya with gloves

AED 320 AED 355

11% OFF
Brown Abaya
Brown Abaya with beige lines

AED 320 AED 360

11% OFF
Abaya set
Abaya with pants and blouse

AED 500 AED 560

12% OFF
Black suite
Black formal suite

AED 290 AED 330

9% OFF
Black buttons
Black formal daily abaya

AED 290 AED 320

Cyan & beige
Beige Abaya with cyan trimming...

AED 345