Elysium Store

Elysium Store

At Elysium, we make sure that you look your best with our simple yet stunning designs.

Floral Sheila
Simple black headscarf with fl...

AED 150

Floral sheila
Simple black headscarf with fl...

AED 150

Sunflower Abaya
Black crepe abaya with embroid...

AED 510

Sea stars
Black bisht with orange sea st...

AED 480

Golden hands
Bisht Abaya with gold embroide...

AED 400

Purple waves
Black abaya with waves cut and...

AED 450

Beige and green
Beige linen Abaya with green h...

AED 350

Foam Abaya
Black Abaya with simple embroi...

AED 350

Green and pink
Green Abaya with light pink s...

AED 380

Pink suit
Pink suite including pants and...

AED 540

Tiffany suite
Tiffany suite that includes pa...

AED 540

2 sides abaya
2 colors Abaya, that can be wo...

AED 460