fatima alhashimi

fatima alhashimi

About Fatima AlHashimi   Her love for fashion designing took the first step when she started eyecatching designs for her self. This first step turned into a growing business that came to reality in 2019 and became a source of attraction that started in UAE and today to different parts of the world.   Fatima launched her online business thru social media for her brand in 2020 in the UAE   Each of Fatima’s designs meets different tastes, colors, fabrics and different seasons that shape a elegant form for the women that wear her designs bringing confidence, beauty and Joy .   Simply Fatima is a dreamer and her dreams are coming true every time she makes a women look great!

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Khamsa Bisht
Sparkly bisht abaya with khams...

AED 900 AED 1600

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GG Gown
Green and gold evening dress w...

AED 1500 AED 2500

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Patterned Set
2-piece set featuring a sheer ...

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Dress Set
2-piece set that includes a sh...

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Anytime Set
3 piece set that includes an a...

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Colorful abaya
3 pieces set that includes an ...

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2-tone Dress
Two-toned wrap-style dress wit...

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Wings jumpsuit
Special occasions jumpsuit wit...

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Letters dress
Printed silk dress with asymme...

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Red dress
Simple red modest dress with o...

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Elegant jumpsuit featuring an ...

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Abaya set
2-piece Printed abaya with hal...

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