Fatma Al Moosawi

Fatma Al Moosawi

Fatma Al Moosawi is an Emirati entrepreneur, environmentalist and innovator. She is the creator of the Tea-energy series and the founder of " Ygnd El-Ras", the first Emirati tea brand. Fatma inherited her passion of tea from her grandfather and father, who began blending different kinds and flavours of tea from around the world in 1962 as a hobby. This pastime was passed down through generations until Fatma decided to turn her hobby into a business and launched the First Emirati Tea Brand in 2017 under the name (Ygnd El-Ras), which is an Emirati phrase that translates to "Mood-Setter." Fatima also has an ambition to preserve the environment so that it would be a better place to live for this generation and future generations. Her tea business is an environmentally friendly enterprise in which she has blended her passion for tea and the environment in a series of projects that benefit the environment while also recycling tea waste. Fatima is also fashion-conscious. She added items to her wardrobe that represent her passion and sense of style.


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