Flam Glam

Flam Glam

Flam Glam is an Emirati clothing line based in Dubai that is inspired by pink and glamour of the roaring 20's.

50% OFF
FG33 Dress
Creamy white with golden glitt...

IQD 139009.50 IQD 278019.00

53% OFF
FG32 Kaftan
A modern moroccan kaftan opene...

IQD 139009.50 IQD 297877.50

16% OFF
FG31 Abaya Set
Sweet and dainty light Pink ti...

IQD 317736.00 IQD 377311.50

47% OFF
FG30 Dress
Peach two layered belted dres...

IQD 158868.00 IQD 297877.50

21% OFF
FG29 Pink Dress Not available
FG29 Pink Dress
Two layered belted dress featu...

IQD 218443.50 IQD 278019.00

47% OFF
FG28 Abaya Set
Mauve textured abaya featuring...

IQD 178726.50 IQD 337594.50

25% OFF
FG27 Abaya Set Not available
FG27 Abaya Set
Grey Two layered abaya with be...

IQD 238302.00 IQD 317736.00

FG26 Kaftan Not available
FG26 Kaftan
Beautifully two layered kaftan...

IQD 297877.50

50% OFF
FG24 Abaya
Black & Mint Green colorblock ...

IQD 119151.00 IQD 238302.00

25% OFF
FG23 Abaya Set
Black & peachypink embellished...

IQD 238302.00 IQD 317736.00

25% OFF
FG22 Abaya Set
Black & Beige colorblock overl...

IQD 238302.00 IQD 317736.00

FG21 Abaya Set Not available
FG21 Abaya Set
Open sides abaya with shimmeri...

IQD 357453.00