Founded in 2020, Kayfi is a modern and transformative, modest fashion brand aimed at women who emphasize a unique and bold aesthetic, while grounded on culture. Delivering a new concept in modest fashion, Kayfi collections offer a fine balance of fun, grace, and individuality, and are inspired by tradition and exude contemporary styles. With freedom of expression at its core, Kayfi is the only Middle Eastern brand that offers distinctive modest fashionwear for discerning progressive women in the region, who value exclusivity and quality.

SleevelessDress Ready to ship
Purple High Neck Sleeveless Dr...

BHD 12.90

Purple Trousers Ready to ship
Purple Trousers
Purple Straight Leg Trousers

BHD 16.90

Peplum Blouse Ready to ship
Peplum Blouse
Purple Ruffled Sleeve Peplum B...

BHD 13.90

Purple Dress Ready to ship
Purple Dress
Purple Tiered Midi Dress

BHD 21.90

Kimono Abaya Ready to ship
Kimono Abaya
Purple Kimono Sleeve Abaya

BHD 19.90

Grey Sweatpants Ready to ship
Grey Sweatpants
Grey Waffle Sweatpants

BHD 11.90

Grey Sweatshirt Ready to ship
Grey Sweatshirt
Grey Waffle Sweatshirt

BHD 11.90

Grey Pants Ready to ship
Grey Pants
Grey Straight Leg Pants

BHD 17.30

Grey Blouse Ready to ship
Grey Blouse
Grey Wrap Blouse

BHD 11.90

Grey Kaftan Ready to ship
Grey Kaftan
Grey Half Sleeve Kaftan

BHD 22.10

Grey Dress Ready to ship
Grey Dress
Grey Panelled Dress

BHD 19.10

Yoke Abaya Ready to ship
Yoke Abaya
Grey Ruffled Yoke Abaya

BHD 23.90