La Clessidra

La Clessidra

We combine a modern style with a touch of a traditional look, making our pieces wearable artwork. Our fabrics are of high quality and carefully hand-selected assuring to provide exclusive and delicate look.

BH020 Dress
White organza dress with textu...

IQD 953208.00

BH019 Kaftan
Beige and Brown Embroidered Ka...

IQD 615613.50

BH018 Kaftan
Light pink embroidered cotton ...

IQD 695047.50

BH017 Kaftan
Grey Moroccan embroidered Kaft...

IQD 702990.90

BH016 Kaftan
Printed linen dress in sequin ...

IQD 593769.15

BH014 Kaftan
Purple Sleeves Linen Printed K...

IQD 548094.60

Embroidered Two-Piece linen ka...

IQD 754623.00

BH012 Kaftan
Modern Pink Linen Kaftan.

IQD 530221.95

BH011 Set
Two-Piece Red Linen Dress and ...

IQD 595755.00

BH010 Kaftan
Printed Moroccan embroidered K...

IQD 794340.00

BH009 Kaftan
Lime Green Moroccan Embroidere...

IQD 532207.80

BH008 Kaftan
Green Linen Kaftan with distre...

IQD 556038.00