LaresTa Fashion

Embroidered dresses and kaftans with traditional Ukrainian ornaments. Natural materials, clean work, high-end finishing.

cinnamon borsch
Cinnamon linen dress

AED 1100

Jumpsuit black
Embroidered velvet jumpsuit

AED 1100

Deers on blue
Embroidered deers with cherry

AED 1380

Flawy kaftan
Light gray embroidered kaftan

AED 1100

Deers on green
Embroidered deers on green

AED 1380

Wings kaftan
Embroidered kaftan with wings

AED 980

Linen abaya
Embroidered linen abaya

AED 1680

Beaded dress
Lavender beaded dress

AED 1480

Shirtdress in cinnamon linen

AED 700