Lorina Jewels

Lorina Jewels

Lorina Jewels designs unique and authentic handcrafted accessories. Affordable and perfect to fit daily wear and to offer customized gifts. We always aim to be different & trendy and make our customers happy.

Glow ring
Silver and zircon letter on a ...

KWD 30.40

Shaker colored
Shaker colored necklace gold p...

KWD 37.60

Rainbow nckle
Synthetic rainbow beads with g...

KWD 28.00

Pearls & letter
Pearls & letter necklace

KWD 37.60

Turquoise chain
Turquoise beads and silver gol...

KWD 36.00

Pearl Flower
Elegant and trendy flower shap...

KWD 42.40

Pearl & letter
Pearl and letter bracelet made...

KWD 30.40

Butterfly ring
Stunning butterfly ring made o...

KWD 37.60

Butterfly clip
Trendy butterfly clip necklace...

KWD 23.20

Baby earrings
Earrings for baby and kids, wi...

KWD 32.00

Name necklace
Elegant customized arabic name...

KWD 36.80

Spaced pearls
Gold plated Necklace with pear...

KWD 38.40