Luxe Arabia

Luxe Arabia

Luxe Arabia is a brand that brings the elements of luxury and creates products that will bring vibrance and artistry in the most powerful fashion. We have headbands, bejewelled belts, handbags and much more.

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Beige Roma Ready to ship
Beige Roma
Raw and urban at the same time...

EUR 28.80 EUR 48.00

Black Pearl Sold out
Black Pearl
A miniature bag made up of twe...

EUR 42.00

Isharya Sold out
Handcrafted unique designs wit...

EUR 78.00

Bahama drop Sold out
Bahama drop
Handcrafted unique designs wit...

EUR 60.00

Zorba Sold out
Handcrafted unique designs wit...

EUR 57.60

Lyana Sold out
Handcrafted unique designs wit...

EUR 54.00

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Black Victorian Sold out
Black Victorian
A black beauty with coins deco...

EUR 31.20 EUR 38.40

Midas Touch
An enchanting band with quirky...

EUR 40.80

50% OFF
Pink and a lot of bling, with ...

EUR 24.00 EUR 48.00

Blue Bliss Sold out
Blue Bliss
A beautiful blue hand bracelet...

EUR 33.60

Flower Drama Sold out
Flower Drama
A beautiful flowery hand brace...

EUR 33.60

Party Ponzo
A transparent bag with a rainb...

EUR 33.60