Nada Alzarouni

Nada joined the team of Emarat Alyoum newspaper since graduation in 2005, and found her passion writing in the field of Culture and Entertainment. A couple of years later, after being assigned to cover some of the local fashion shows and events, and with the fashion background that surrounded her since childhood, she realized that all the information and experiences that was accumulating in her mind was needed when writing a fashion review, and that led to more and more fashion oriented stories. The local fashion industry was not enough for the young journalist, and she started to be involved in the bigger fashion scene, and has since been invited to international fashion weeks, like New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, as well as Rome Fashion Week. She was the first to support the local names that participated inside and outside the country. Nada Alzarouni is considered as one of the first Emarati fashion editors that started to turn the fashion media field in the country from the “PRL copy/paste” kind of coverage reports, to a more critic, analytic, and reading through the collection type of stories. She has also been a judge on a a number of fashion contests, a member of various media panels. She is on a never ending journey to hunt and support the local talents.

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