OROSA is an Emirati brand that started in 2017 specializing in high quality accessories, genuine leather handbags, wallets and mobile cases.

65% OFF
Rosalia Bag
Medium structured bag with top...

KWD 76.00 KWD 216.00

70% OFF
Passion Bag Ready to ship
Passion Bag
Real leather bag comes with lo...

KWD 141.60 KWD 472.00

55% OFF
Twig Tote Bag Sold out
Twig Tote Bag
The most wanted design. Chic p...

KWD 79.20 KWD 176.00

50% OFF
Miss OROSA bag Sold out
Miss OROSA bag
Mini structure saddle style ba...

KWD 96.00 KWD 192.00

Twig Tote bag Ready to ship
Twig Tote bag
The most wanted design, this m...

KWD 79.20

Box bag
Box bag with Two compartments ...

KWD 52.80

Shoulder Bag Sold out
Shoulder Bag
Shoulder bag, come with two st...

KWD 61.60

30% OFF
Miss OROSA bag
Mini structured saddle bag wit...

KWD 134.40 KWD 192.00

70% OFF
Maroon bag Sold out
Maroon bag
Real leather bag comes with lo...

KWD 141.60 KWD 472.00

71% OFF
Beige bag Sold out
Beige bag
Real leather leather bag, come...

KWD 152.00 KWD 520.00

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Leather bag
Leather leather bag

KWD 141.60 KWD 472.00

Incense burner
“Mubkhar” crystal incense burn...

KWD 60.00