Queens designer

Queens designer

Queens Designer is a master of trade when it comes to Khaleeji fashion. Our chic and ever so timeless collection of Black Abayas are highlighted with loads of texture and volume, resulting in an elavated look.

30% OFF
Mocha Mirage
Brown abaya with embellishment...

KWD 36.40 KWD 52.00

30% OFF
Midnight Elegance: Black Arabi...

KWD 42.00 KWD 60.00

30% OFF
Serenity veil
Light Grey Abaya with Embellis...

KWD 30.80 KWD 44.00

31% OFF
A Light-Colored Abaya with Bea...

KWD 32.00 KWD 46.40

30% OFF
Ebony Abaya
A twist on a classic black aba...

KWD 36.40 KWD 52.00

Onyx abaya
Black and white abaya with hea...

KWD 52.00

15% OFF
dark abaya
Elegant Black abaya with embel...

KWD 50.80 KWD 60.00

15% OFF
lined abays
shiny lines as gravel with dif...

KWD 52.80 KWD 62.40

15% OFF
gravel abaya
as a gravel road with shining...

KWD 46.40 KWD 54.40

16% OFF
Trace Abaya
Black abaya with delicate embe...

KWD 50.40 KWD 60.00

15% OFF
insideout beige
Layered Black and beige chiffo...

KWD 39.60 KWD 46.40

15% OFF
uncrowded sky
Black abaya with bubble sleeve...

KWD 37.20 KWD 44.00