Sayyidah couture

Sayyidah couture

Sayyidah Couture is a new-comer in the fashion scene launched by a budding fashion designer, with a great passion for anything stylish. Fabrics are carefully handpicked while the decors and embroidery are made by a team of skilled craftsmen.

Laser cut
Black sheer abaya with laser c...

GBP 608.79

Green sequins
Black abaya featuring bubble s...

GBP 839.79

Blue Sequins
Black abaya featuring a blue s...

GBP 1049.79

Golden flowers
Black abaya featuring a wide k...

GBP 944.79

Fringed Abaya
Black abaya in a classic cut, ...

GBP 629.79

Silk kaftan
Silk kaftan featuring an intri...

GBP 776.79

Blue kaftan
Exquisite Royal Blue kaftan fe...

GBP 797.79

Gradient Dress
Shimmery pleated jersey evenin...

GBP 734.79

Rose gold dress
Rose gold sequined evening dre...

GBP 1028.79

Purple Flowers
Flounce dress with purple flow...

GBP 818.79

Turquoise dress
Light Turquoise floral satin d...

GBP 839.79