Stay chic and modest with our stylish and one-of-a-kind abayas. Our designs have a distinct modern feel while staying conservative and sophisticated.

S42 Abaya
Black & White abaya featuring ...

AED 1500

S45 Abaya
Nude beige abaya featuring a 3...

AED 1680

S44 Abaya
Blue coat-style abaya featurin...

AED 1800

S47 Abaya
Avant-garde black abaya featur...

AED 1630

S41 Abaya
Silver collared abaya with con...

AED 1830

S51 Abaya
Luxe olive/black abaya featuri...

AED 1500

S48 Abaya
Black abaya featuring a scale-...

AED 1670

S43 Abaya
Silver abaya featuring a moder...

AED 1850

S46 Abaya
White coat-style abaya featuri...

AED 1730

S50 Abaya
Chic and modern black abaya fe...

AED 1696

S49 Abaya
Luxe black A-line abaya featur...

AED 1280

S40 Abaya
Black abaya featuring a contra...

AED 1400

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