The Oud Edition

The Oud Edition

The Oud Editio is pleased to offer you the best and finest types of oud and oud oil. Your satisfaction is our most important priority, and we strive to provide the best services.

Indian Oud Oil
Pure natural Indian oud oil

JOD 182.40

Oud Brachin
Aged Parchin Oud Oil

JOD 364.80

Oud Trad
Anointing Oud Trad Painted whe...

JOD 361.00

Laotian Oud
Anointing Oud oil of Laotian a...

JOD 419.90

The Edition Musk

JOD 142.50

Ceylon Oud
Old Ceylon Adams Oud: Deluxe U...

JOD 380.00

Malaysian Oud
Luxurious Malaysian Oud Use: P...

JOD 524.40

Malaysian Oud
Royal Malaysian Oud Level: Lux...

JOD 655.50

Brunei Oud
Brunei Oud Level: Double Super...

JOD 173.85

Filipino Oud
Filipino Oud, Malaysian flavor...

JOD 765.70

Falsely promise
Indian Oud Zora Nagland Level:...

JOD 304.00

Promises mori
Royal Indian Mori Oud Level: L...

JOD 273.60