Y N Design

Y N Design

YN Design is a unique and modern abaya line with a signature aethetic of patterns and colors.

Minimal black
Black abaya designed with mini...

IQD 349509.60

Palm Abaya
White abaya designed with palm...

IQD 365396.40

Art abaya
Beige abaya designed with leav...

IQD 381283.20

Eye necklace
Hand made Eye design Necklace ...

IQD 99292.50

Pearl Abaya
Black abaya adorned with small...

IQD 369368.10

Flower abaya
Embrace elegance and beauty wi...

IQD 329651.10

Applique Abaya
Black abaya designed with appl...

IQD 345537.90

3D flowers
Sand beige abaya with 3D flowe...

IQD 325679.40

Bind flowers
Black abaya with silver flower...

IQD 313764.30

Leaf & Pearls
Cream kaftan adorned with leaf...

IQD 313764.30

Colorful lines
Black abaya designed with colo...

IQD 325679.40

Colorful Abaya
Black abaya designed with colo...

IQD 353481.30