Abeer Al Matrooshi

Sand Jalabiya
Sand beige crepe jalabiya deco...

AED 599

Sage Mukhawar
Sage green mukhawar kaftan wit...

AED 650

Shamma 2 Not available
Shamma 2
unstitched cotton Mukhawar

AED 480

Jawaher Ready to ship
Mukhawar made of a premium sil...

AED 480

8% OFF
F2259silver bag
Hand Embroidery clutch

AED 350 AED 380

9% OFF
F2260mint Green
Glass stone hand embellished c...

AED 500 AED 550

094 Dress Set
Printed silk tunic dress set w...

AED 700

22% OFF
LAM-0029 Ready to ship
brown with gold dots

AED 700 AED 900

27% OFF
SAYA13 Dress
Beige modest dress with embroi...

AED 450 AED 620

TW1 Ready to ship
Elegant Embroidered long sleev...

AED 1950

Look 1323
Dress with embroidered cape

AED 1350

Dress & Gloves
Off shoulder, asymmetrical eve...

AED 2100

30% OFF
Muna Dress
Highlighting a Side Corset Wai...

AED 378 AED 540

floral dress
sheer sleeve floral print dres...

AED 150

5% OFF
Ruffle Dress
Floral Ruffle Shoulder Dress w...

AED 380 AED 400

25% OFF
sky Blue
Floral organza dress made of l...

AED 600 AED 800

gg1 D7 blue Ready to ship
gg1 D7 blue
Stylish simple cut dress

AED 500

Colorful dress
Colorful dress, Comes with a M...

AED 365

57% OFF
BYKFC2020 blue Ready to ship
BYKFC2020 blue
French chiffon ruffled dress w...

AED 600 AED 1380

18% OFF
party dress
V neck Long Sleeve Long Dress ...

AED 820 AED 1000

18% OFF
woman casual
New Arrivals long sleeve party...

AED 820 AED 1000

50% OFF
Silk Maxi Dress Ready to ship
Silk Maxi Dress
Silk Maxi Dress with white det...

AED 320 AED 640

Cotton dress Ready to ship
Cotton dress
Rayon cotton open sleeve dress...

AED 450

Linen Dress
Summery Linen Purple Open Coll...

AED 750

Look 2223
Light peach embellished modest...

AED 850

Look 2523
Silver off-shoulder dress with...

AED 750

Embroidery dress with long sle...

AED 490

14% OFF
D00 1102
Armani Fabric print with nice ...

AED 750 AED 870

14% OFF
D00 1104
Armani Fabric print with nice ...

AED 750 AED 870

14% OFF
D00 1107
Armani jakerd fabric print wit...

AED 600 AED 700

14% OFF
D00 1111
Armani jakerd fabric print wit...

AED 600 AED 700

14% OFF
D00 1116
Armani and chiffon fabric with...

AED 900 AED 1050

Bishop sleeves & V neck kaftan...

AED 1750

Body cut single cloche long dr...

AED 1400

star & moon
Elegant beige coat abaya

AED 325

Multicolor casual abaya with c...

AED 300

Work abaya
Casual abaya with golden butto...

AED 350

17% OFF
Daily abaya
Purple daily silk bisht abaya ...

AED 250 AED 300

8% OFF
N39 Abaya
Black abaya with embellishment...

AED 450 AED 490

Purple Abaya
A stylish set consisting of an...

AED 500

Black abaya with green details...

AED 250

Pattern Chiffon
Elegant chiffon bisht abaya wi...

AED 697

Inf002 Not available
Stylish abaya in a captivating...

AED 450

30% OFF
Model No- 1364
Beautiful gray color abaya wit...

AED 599 AED 850

Tighan Ready to ship
Patterned abaya

AED 550

Color blocked open abaya with ...

AED 1970

gg1 J3 pink Ready to ship
gg1 J3 pink
Flawless and simple

AED 700

9% OFF
stripped Neon
Stripped Kaftan with lace on t...

AED 500 AED 550

Eid kaftan
Moroccan klosh Kaftan

AED 680

8% OFF
Boho sidebelt Ready to ship
Boho sidebelt
Side belt kaftan in half print...

AED 350 AED 380

Silk kaftan belted crafted wit...

AED 489

38% OFF
Bella Ready to ship
Free size off shoulder dress w...

AED 400 AED 650

Ombre silk Not available
Ombre silk
Ombre silk kaftan with tassels...

AED 650

Open kimono- light tissue orga...

AED 790

Available in all colors

AED 1800

Lana Set Not available
Lana Set
The Lana Set is expertly craft...

AED 195

Ocean Set Not available
Ocean Set
A must-have addition to your s...

AED 295

Beige set
3-piece crepe set that include...

AED 790

2-Toned Scarf Ready to ship
2-Toned Scarf
Beautiful two toned headscarf....

AED 145

Travel Wear
MOiSTREET Purple CEY Fabric ...

AED 225

Travel Wear
MOiSTREET Brown Linen Fabric ...

AED 270

Travel Wear
Grey Linen Fabric button down ...

AED 270

SS11 Jumpsuit Not available
SS11 Jumpsuit
Blue-grey comfy jumpsuit with ...

AED 350

Molten Set
2-piece brown textured travel ...

AED 499

15% OFF
Plisse Set
Loose fit button down shirt pa...

AED 290 AED 340

Luxurious Winter brown Jacket ...

AED 700

13% OFF
Winter set Ready to ship
Winter set
2-piece White Winter Travel se...

AED 650 AED 750

Two piece Comfy Travel wear se...

AED 600

Beige Set Ready to ship
Beige Set
Two pieces set, Top & Pants. P...

AED 350

Linen Set Ready to ship
Linen Set
Two pieces set, Top & Pants. P...

AED 350

Tan Cape Ready to ship
Tan Cape
Tan cape shawl with black trim...

AED 99

Raya Pleated Se Ready to ship
Raya Pleated Se
Pleated design set, Boat neck ...

AED 670

29% OFF
ES04 Kaftan
Classic printed kaftan

AED 285 AED 399

25% OFF
ES13 Kaftan
Comfy floral dress in eyelet m...

AED 299 AED 399

Elegant dress Ready to ship
Elegant dress
Elegant linen Kaftan dress wit...

AED 380

58% OFF
رهف / Rahaf
Black Cape style sleeve dress ...

AED 1003 AED 2400

12% OFF
Sultana jalabiy
Sultana pink holographic-inspi...

AED 750 AED 850

Bell Sleeve HM
Gorgeous off-white kaftan, ins...

AED 699

OPPO Jalabiya
Printed jalabiya with embelish...

AED 750

15% OFF
Satin kaftan
Two-piece set featuring a flor...

AED 1150 AED 1350

Patterned Cape Not available
Patterned Cape
Silk Satin patterned cape kaft...

AED 600

16% OFF
Winter abaya
Gray Striped Wool Winter Abaya...

AED 380 AED 450

Velvet abaya Not available
Velvet abaya
Navy velvet bisht abaya adorne...

AED 650

Grey Set Ready to ship
Grey Set
3 piece grey set, featuring an...

AED 425

Jacket Abaya Ready to ship
Jacket Abaya
ELegant jacket abaya with 2 co...

AED 415

Winter Abaya
Navy blue shamwah abaya featur...

AED 849

Black & white coat-style abaya...

AED 350

Palm Abaya
Black Abaya with embellished p...

AED 370

EL 385 Abaya
Open light velvet Bisht Abaya ...

AED 450

Fw-03-22 SET
velvet abaya with beaded colla...

AED 1900

K911BR Abaya
Brown Abaya with delicate embe...

AED 430

Black Abaya
Black Abaya with contrast embr...

AED 390

4% OFF
Code No. 110
Brown and tan colorblock colla...

AED 430 AED 450

Chamois and fur army green win...

AED 520

Chamois and fur navy winter ab...

AED 600

Black Abaya Ready to ship
Black Abaya
Black abaya with embellished m...

AED 310

One with Nature
Set of 2 embroidered headscarv...

AED 250

Soft Hues Set
6-piece scarf set in delicate ...

AED 350

Summer Set Not available
Summer Set
Set of 3 sheila / voile

AED 350

Blossom Set
Blossom Green Set Necklace wit...

AED 404

AM GB Anklet
Al Manthora Gold Dark Blue Ank...

AED 200

Clutch MW
Signature large bag with signa...

AED 550

Mini Flap Bag
Silver holographic luxury leat...

AED 2310

16% OFF
KD2890G Ready to ship
Plain Gray tassels dress with ...

AED 520 AED 620

23% OFF
Puff Dress
Elegant organza dress with dot...

AED 995 AED 1287

Pattern dress
Indian Cotton dress with linin...

AED 480

Elegant dress made with layers...

AED 350

Tiered Dress Ready to ship
Tiered Dress
Three tiered mint kids dress w...

AED 270

Soft and comfortable pant set ...

AED 280

EL 124 Abaya Not available
EL 124 Abaya
A soft peach & light green aba...

AED 480

Azure abaya
White abaya with blue head sca...

AED 560

Grey & Green
Grey abaya with forest green h...

AED 560

Black Abaya
Black abaya with collar, adorn...

AED 570

Double-sided abaya, a mixture ...

AED 455

16% OFF
Abaya set Not available
Abaya set
3-piece Abaya set includes a b...

AED 380 AED 450

29% OFF
Abaya set Not available
Abaya set
3-piece Abaya set includes a b...

AED 320 AED 450

Lail-268 Abaya
Classic embroidered bahraini s...

AED 340

18 Abaya
Black chiffon abaya with embel...

AED 460

HD047 Abaya Ready to ship
HD047 Abaya
Half & half colorblock abaya w...

AED 450

The Fatima abaya is made of hi...

AED 500

Nora: Black
The Nora abaya is made of high...

AED 600

Green Shamwa
Olive Green Shamwa Abaya, Crea...

AED 690

Navy Set-4 Not available
Navy Set-4
2-piece coordinates featuring ...

AED 1300

AW20 L-B001 Not available
AW20 L-B001
Satin blazer with embellished ...

AED 1800

30% OFF
SS21 L-P002
Cropped linen wide-legged pant...

AED 280 AED 400

2% OFF
Blazer & Pants
Two-piece green blazer and pan...

AED 540 AED 550

Blazer & Pants
Two-piece beige colorblock set...

AED 590

White satin suit with feather ...

AED 1700

30% OFF
AW21 L-J001 Not available
AW21 L-J001
Cross velvet wide legged jumps...

AED 1400 AED 2000

Mood Suit
Two pieces set, winter fabric,...

AED 680

20% OFF
Classic pants and a jacket set...

AED 2560 AED 3200

Travel set Not available
Travel set
Elegant travel set of 3 pieces

AED 350

50% OFF
Set Ready to ship
Set of blazer, pant and wallet...

AED 190 AED 380

50% OFF
Set Ready to ship
Set of two colors blazer, belt...

AED 180 AED 360

Hazel Set
Mixed satin over sized top wit...

AED 600

SS22 L-S001 Not available
SS22 L-S001
Silk embellished skirt with fr...

AED 1500

SS22 DR-P001 Not available
SS22 DR-P001
High waist cotton pants with p...

AED 480

Lima Co-ord
Casual, comfy, and classy all ...

AED 250

Comfy Travel Wear ,Blazer And ...

AED 550

Blouse CC21-07
Sporty style blouse perfect to...

AED 650

Star Light Blue Ready to ship
Star Light Blue
Two toned blue tutu with stars...

AED 100

Mimi Ready to ship
Juniors white mimi in leather ...

AED 271

Mimi Bow Ready to ship
Mimi Bow
Juniors printed gold mimi bow ...

AED 271

QQ-D25 Juniors
Beige & green colorblock dress...

AED 420

White and lime green little gi...

AED 280

49% OFF
KDC2035 Ready to ship
white kuwaiti jalabiya with em...

AED 250 AED 490

Blue butterfly
Trendy blue Butterfly hanging ...

AED 290

9% OFF
Tulle Gloves
Add an instant glam drama with...

AED 100 AED 110

Sterling silver gold plated br...

AED 640

Purple Anklet Not available
Purple Anklet
Purple Anklet with hanging min...

AED 158

Choker necklace
silver choker necklace decorat...

AED 1200

Short Necklace Not available
Short Necklace
Al Maith Short Necklace with g...

AED 263

Raisa Green Pearl Ring

AED 189

Ring Not available
Al Maith Ring with green pearl

AED 200

Bracelet Not available
Al Maith Bracelet with green p...

AED 294

Stripe Multi
Our Best seller yellow and gre...

AED 795

27% OFF
Black & Beige
Black & Beige abaya with black...

AED 400 AED 550


AED 2100

Modern Style Self Printed Plea...

AED 299

SS22 D-AS006
Mariposa cut silk printed pais...

AED 500

Brown Abaya with beige inner l...

AED 1200

Brown Abaya
MOiSTREET Embroidered Korean N...

AED 340

Stunning 2 piece embroidered a...

AED 449

MKA - R22A3
Black abaya with light mint gr...

AED 980

Emerald green abaya with cryst...

AED 1200

Flavia Skirt Not available
Flavia Skirt
Luxe Premium quality satin wra...

AED 245

60% OFF
Harmony Jokha
Beige light coat/abaya featuri...

AED 500 AED 1250

18% OFF
Jovanna Jacket Not available
Jovanna Jacket
Embroidered multi-use duster c...

AED 450 AED 550

30% OFF
AW21 L-JK004

AED 1260 AED 1800

51% OFF
Cozy and Chic, our Half-Half c...

AED 195 AED 395

Yellow winter travel wear with...

AED 1200

Travel Wear
MOiSTREET Beige Embroidered Ja...

AED 379

13% OFF
Stripped set
Stripped brown set with golden...

AED 350 AED 400

16% OFF
Dotted set Not available
Dotted set
Organza dotted set

AED 380 AED 450

Travel Set Ready to ship
Travel Set
Elegant oversized set of longs...

AED 800

22% OFF
Top and skirt floral embroider...

AED 900 AED 1150

Model No - 962
embroidey on the neckline Col...

AED 700

Model No - 951
embroidey on the neckline Col...

AED 700

Elegant & Uniqe dress

AED 850

elegant & Uniqe dress

AED 650

Tassels Ready to ship
tassels dress with belt

AED 650

Blue suit
Blue suit with double-breasted...

AED 890

Shiny jumpsuit
Shiny jumpsuit with feather

AED 2750

Model No - 965 Not available
Model No - 965
embroidey on the neckline Col...

AED 650

Silk dress with classy feather

AED 990

Classy Gold Silk Dress With Go...

AED 1100

FRE02 Not available
set of two pieces dress

AED 850

2241AP dress
maxi dress with kimono and bel...

AED 499

20% OFF
Pure Color Mesh
Swing dress maxi long off shou...

AED 4000 AED 5000

BellFlower 06 Ready to ship
BellFlower 06
Lavender sustainable cotton, w...

AED 1200

orange fringes Not available
orange fringes
light weight kaftan with fring...

AED 650

RC: 01 Ready to ship
RC: 01
Handmade moroccan caftan

AED 750

Pink Jalabiya
Pink crepe jalabiya decorated ...

AED 595

Black abaya with one side lape...

AED 450

Daily Abaya
Crepe abaya, comes with a a ma...

AED 300

19% OFF
Black abahya with pearl design

AED 390 AED 480

Golden Abaya
Golden beige abaya featuring a...

AED 850

OFW 48
Abaya with handwork

AED 650

SS21KEID7 Not available
Embroidered crepe dress, cut f...

AED 200

Sherwal pant set with with lon...

AED 365

LEILA Dress Ready to ship
Midi distinguished dress with ...

AED 1200

Haze Jalabiya
Lilac haze crepe jalabiya deco...

AED 595

21% OFF
Layered Abaya
Double layered pleated organza...

AED 1180 AED 1500

40% OFF
Purple Moroccan top and skirt ...

AED 900 AED 1500

15% OFF
D-MS005 Jalabya Not available
D-MS005 Jalabya
Lilac jalabiya adorned with em...

AED 595 AED 700

23% OFF
L-Blue Jalabiya
Moroccan jalabiya made of prin...

AED 300 AED 390

42% OFF
Leo Kaftan Not available
Leo Kaftan
Patterned silk kaftan. free si...

AED 350 AED 600

50% OFF
Jungle Kaftan
Green jungle pure silk print

AED 300 AED 600

Lavend Jalabiya
Lavender jalabiya adorned with...

AED 595

Look 1721
Two pieces dress

AED 900

Kaftan with one side cover wit...

AED 1170

RTW SS8 Ready to ship
Satin taffeta dress with tasse...

AED 950

20% OFF
RTW R07 Ready to ship
Embroidered cotton dress

AED 680 AED 850

47% OFF
Aquamarine silk-organza dress ...

AED 800 AED 1500

Black kaftan than designed wit...

AED 460

33% OFF
Embellished Ready to ship
Dress-Kaftan. Designed with an...

AED 800 AED 1200

Bahraini Kaftan
Embroidery Kaftan in high end ...

AED 2999

55% OFF
Studded Bangles Not available
Studded Bangles
Studded bangles set

AED 200 AED 440

Ipad Sleeve Ready to ship
Ipad Sleeve
Compact lavender leather Ipad ...

AED 580

Leather Pouch
Lightweight yellow leather pou...

AED 480

70% OFF
Maroon bag Not available
Maroon bag
Real leather bag comes with lo...

AED 1770 AED 5900

Small bag WB2
Signature small bag

AED 450

Mini Antoinette
Pink mini abaya with tassels a...

AED 480

Harley Ready to ship
Dust pink and ankara harley du...

AED 261

Mimi Bow Ready to ship
Mimi Bow
Juniors multi-coloured mimi bo...

AED 271

Moccas Tassels Ready to ship
Moccas Tassels
leather white moccasins tassel...

AED 210

OT.SS19.19 Not available
Linen wrap top and pants in pi...

AED 1630

Cozy jumpsuit
Super chic white silk travel w...

AED 600

Cigarette Pants
Beige cigarette trouser pants ...

AED 550

RM20083 Jacket Not available
RM20083 Jacket
Quirky multi-colored kimono wi...

AED 900

SR20100 PinkSet Not available
SR20100 PinkSet
Floral puffy sleeves top with ...

AED 1200

SR20096 Set
Purple printed Kimono long Ves...

AED 1350

SS20 D-P004
Soft stretch high waist pants ...

AED 350

Top and Pants
Lavender One Shoulder Top and ...

AED 2500

S015 - 2PC
2-piece beige travel set that ...

AED 140

Black Biker
Black lightweight biker jacket...

AED 750

50% OFF
SS21 L-I001
Silky crepe inner dress

AED 250 AED 500

SS21 D-J002 Not available
SS21 D-J002
Cowl weeh jumpsuit with inside...

AED 900

47% OFF
Linen Set
Irish Linen travel set , daily...

AED 850 AED 1600

SS21 D-TS002
Two-toned cotton mariposa cuff...

AED 390

June01 Abaya
Black & White Floral Abaya

AED 1800

35% OFF
Beige abaya
Casual, daily , work, everyday...

AED 550 AED 850

Sunshine abaya
Indian silk abaya with relaxed...

AED 650

16% OFF
Model No- 1212 Not available
Model No- 1212
color abaya with flix design o...

AED 750 AED 890

Mini Svana
Grey mini abaya with tassels a...

AED 480

Mini Khaleeji Ready to ship
Mini Khaleeji
leather brown mini khaleeji fo...

AED 230

Gemini Bag
Easy to use baby blue brocade ...

AED 380

Valet Tray Ready to ship
Valet Tray
Sparkling orange leather valet...

AED 349

Chiffon Medley
Set of 6 chiffon headscarves i...

AED 350

SS21 D-AS018
Two-toned sailor collar cotton...

AED 700

Alessandra Not available
one shoulder kaftan dress

AED 300

36% OFF
Yellow kaftan featuring a flou...

AED 350 AED 550

Luxe green dress with gathered...

AED 600

Layered Dress Not available
Layered Dress
Yellow layered chiffon dress

AED 820

Abaya Code BF
Elegant light Abaya

AED 1000

Style018 Kaftan
beige Moroccan Junior's kaftan...

AED 350

43% OFF
Grey Check-print cotton headsc...

AED 100 AED 175

Filipino Oud
Filipino Oud, Malaysian flavor...

AED 4030

SS21 D-J005
Sleeveless cotton shipped with...

AED 400

Coat Abaya Not available
Coat Abaya
Brown crepe coat abaya with ma...

AED 895

June07 Dress
Blue floral dress

AED 1700