Arabic Oud

A selection of luxurious Arabian aromatic scents

Rabdan is a touches of Floral,...

AED 295

An oriental fragrance with an ...

AED 355

Mukhalat 1971 A mixture of Oud...

AED 595

Bahr Spray
Abaya and Garment Spray

AED 119

Ceylon Oud
Old Ceylon Adams Oud: Deluxe U...

AED 2000

Malaysian Oud
Luxurious Malaysian Oud Use: P...

AED 2760

Malaysian Oud
Royal Malaysian Oud Level: Lux...

AED 3450

Brunei Oud
Brunei Oud Level: Double Super...

AED 915

Filipino Oud
Filipino Oud, Malaysian flavor...

AED 4030

Falsely promise
Indian Oud Zora Nagland Level:...

AED 1600

Promises mori
Royal Indian Mori Oud Level: L...

AED 1440

Cody Mori promi
Udi Cody Mori Indian Level: Do...

AED 635

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