Arabic Oud

A selection of luxurious Arabian aromatic scents

Mesk Collection
An unisex and a heavy collecti...

AED 800

Luxury Set
A set of gorgeous Unisex Colle...

AED 650

Musk Collection
A deserved one for your loved ...

AED 350

Fares Gift Set
Fares Collection: A gift set f...

AED 750

Reem Collection
A valuable and wonderful gift ...

AED 650

Khamseniah Gift
A wonderful assortment of orie...

AED 550

A playful note of flowers and ...

AED 110

Al Khamseniah
A combination of Rose and Oud ...

AED 160

Vintage Oud
A rare combination of flower, ...

AED 160

Oud M. Shaikha
Inspired from the courage of E...

AED 185

Oud M. Dewan
It starts with Floral and then...

AED 160