Dehn Oud

A selection of long-lasting classic Arabic Dehn-ouds

OMQ perfume
Omq is an addictive contrast o...

AED 375

Al Afra
The scent of roses, in additio...

AED 350

Shaden & Hezraf
Set of two different scents.

AED 450

Al Kheshf
A blend of agarwood, patchouli...

AED 300

Cambodi Seufi
Dehn oud made from oud Kadeem ...

AED 264

Mukhalat 1971 A mixture of Oud...

AED 595

Indian Oud Oil
Pure natural Indian oud oil

AED 960

Oud Brachin
Aged Parchin Oud Oil

AED 1920

Oud Trad
Anointing Oud Trad Painted whe...

AED 1900