Dehn Oud

A selection of long-lasting classic Arabic Dehn-ouds

Deer Oud
Deer bakhoor. mesmerizing arom...

AED 170

Elegance Box
Consists of four perfumes; Ple...

AED 280

KohKong Cambodi
Koh Kong oud has a sweet and f...

AED 307

Hindi Dugga
Dugga oud has a strong and swe...

AED 415

Hojari Luban
Hojari Superior Luban: a very ...

AED 145

Al Malaki
Perfumed Oud: A homemade blend...

AED 190

DO Kadeem Super
A best variety of oldest time ...

AED 300

D.O Seufi Super
A finest quality concentrated ...

AED 250

D. Oud Desire
A pure arabic fragrance that d...

AED 350

D.Oud Khaas
A luxury and precios concentra...

AED 400