Top of your beautiful ensemble and spritz to your hearts desire! Our fragrances are pure and luxurious with long-lasting smell that stays all through out the day.

Oud wood
Jura Indain Oud

AED 350

Indian Oud
Indian Daga Oud

AED 200

Royal Oud
Indian Daga ROYAL Oud

AED 300

Vento NO 04
Holds an essence of Oud, Patch...

AED 250

Vento NO 02
Holds an essence of Leather an...

AED 200

Mini Perfumes
Travel Set Perfumes - Matinee ...

AED 300

Patchouli, MuskyWoody, Balsami...

AED 273

Blue Iris
Powdery, Iris, Sweet, Leathery...

AED 273

Smoked Oud
Smoky, Oud, Rose, Woody, Warm ...

AED 315

Amber Tuberose
Amber, Ylang-ylang, Tuberose, ...

AED 294

Sweet Tobacco
Tobacco, Warm spicy, Sweet, Ba...

AED 326

beehive set
single bracelet and single rin...

AED 110