Hayat Perfume
Hayat Perfume is a concoction ...

AED 225

Model No - 1138
beige line fabric colored abya...

AED 990

Abaya Code S05
Dark green set of Abaya, dress...

AED 650

Abaya Set
1-piece Set of Grey Shimmer Ab...

AED 270

C-134 Abaya
Top quality abaya in a breatha...

AED 900

Mid white Dress
An isroz exclusive midi coat d...

AED 710

The Jeans Abaya
Colorblock jeans-inspired abay...

AED 670

Maybe you dream
This kaftan features a hand-dr...

AED 662

Abaya Set
Full set abaya featuring a con...

AED 290

007 Grey Abaya
Grey brocade bisht abaya featu...

AED 490

C-120 Abaya
Crafted from lightweight crepe...

AED 800

C-122 Abaya
Aqua abaya featuring an open f...

AED 1000

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