Wide array of lighter scents and fragrances for everyday use

Hayat Perfume
Hayat Perfume is a concoction ...

AED 225

Blend of coffee, oud, & agarwo...

AED 135

The regent
A twist of woods & fresh scent...

AED 140

Aromatic woody fragrance, refr...

AED 155

Honey & Oud
Mixture of Honey, oud & bukhoo...

AED 150

K Mansoori 77
A K Mansoori exclusive, this p...

AED 110

K Mansoori 79
A K Mansoori exclusive, this p...

AED 110

Our Bestseller
A K Mansoori exclusive, this s...

AED 150

Loolya Perfume
A comfortable mix of amber wit...

AED 350

Mawj Perfume
An eclectic woody spicy fragra...

AED 350

Remal Perfume
A luxurious mix of dry herbs a...

AED 350

WS perfume
French perfume with a touch of...

AED 120

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