Hair Accessories

19% OFF
Black Victorian
A black beauty with coins deco...

AED 130 AED 160

Midas Touch
An enchanting band with quirky...

AED 170

50% OFF
Pink and a lot of bling, with ...

AED 100 AED 200

A beautiful mesh of pearls, di...

AED 180

33% OFF
White Diamond
Diamond-like stones lined up i...

AED 100 AED 150

Pink Diamond
Diamond-like stones lined up i...

AED 150

43% OFF
Champagne Pearl
A thin black band in velvet ad...

AED 100 AED 175

A multicolored headband adorne...

AED 200

10% OFF
Ocular Band
This ocular amulet-inspired he...

AED 135 AED 150

Baroque Bee
A quirky hair accessory with e...

AED 125

3% OFF
Victorian Band
A beautiful black fashion stat...

AED 170 AED 175

MidasTouch Band
A stunning piece designed for ...

AED 250