Modest Dresses

Huge collection of classic and elegant dresses for women who wants to look chic but still upholds the traditional modest way of dressing.

Angelina Set
A 2-piece teal set featuring a...

AED 700

Angelina Set
A 2-piece lavender set featuri...

AED 700

Angelina Set
A 2-piece light blue set featu...

AED 700

Bc_T44 Dress
Mauve evening dress featuring ...

AED 500

Bc-T40 Dress
Grey under abaya dress featuri...

AED 200

11% OFF
SP00 Dress
Dainty and flowy pink dress fe...

AED 850 AED 950

6% OFF
YT00 Dress
Yellow modest dress featuring ...

AED 800 AED 850

6% OFF
OG00 Dress
Light blue dress featuring a V...

AED 800 AED 850

7% OFF
BL00 Dress
Beige silk dress featuring a f...

AED 650 AED 700

8% OFF
TP00 Dress
Dainty & modest blush dress fe...

AED 1100 AED 1200

14% OFF
RB0 Dress
Blue modest dress featuring a ...

AED 950 AED 1100

25% OFF
Linen maxi dress featuring an ...

AED 970 AED 1295

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