Casual Abayas

Abayas designed for everyday use. These abayas are both functional and comfortable.

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Black abaya
Satin black abaya. Comes with ...

INR 13972.50 INR 14580.00

Black abaya with embellishment...

INR 9315.00

Pleated Sleeve
Silver abaya with pleated cuff...

INR 12150.00

Lail-778 Abaya
Bisht-style abaya with draped ...

INR 7593.75

Lail-777 Abaya
Plain abaya with stylish pocke...

INR 7796.25

Lail-754 Abaya
Kaftan style pleated abaya

INR 7087.50

Lail-753 Abaya
Traditional style embroidered ...

INR 7998.75

Lail-752 Abaya
Bahraini style embroidered aba...

INR 7796.25

Lail-667 Abaya
Bisht style embroidered abaya

INR 8079.75

Lail-655 Abaya
Stylish pleated front open lac...

INR 7188.75

Lail-638 Abaya
A classic style embroidered ab...

INR 8079.75

Lail-616 Abaya
Modest embroidered abaya

INR 8079.75