Moroccan kaftans

Luxurious Moroccan-inspired kaftans with delicate embroideries and embellishment, all set in rich silks in gorgeous colors.

Moroccan Jellaba embroidered -...

AED 500

6% OFF
Moroccan Kaftan
Chiffon Kaftan with Japanese B...

AED 1690 AED 1800

37% OFF
Black Jellaba
Black Moroccan Jellaba embroid...

AED 380 AED 600

Moroccan kaftan in printed fab...

AED 550

Lilac Kaftan
Lilac Moroccan kaftan with met...

AED 420

34% OFF
ES23 Kaftan
Colorful kaftan dress

AED 330 AED 499

30% OFF
ES21 Kaftan
Classy floral kaftan.

AED 349 AED 499

30% OFF
ES20 Kaftan
Casual kaftan with puffy appli...

AED 349 AED 499

30% OFF
ES18 Kaftan
Green patterned Moroccan Kafta...

AED 349 AED 499

30% OFF
ES17 Kaftan
Pink patterned Moroccan Kaftan...

AED 349 AED 499