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Facial Mask Preparation Kit With 32 Collagen Capsules.

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Product ID : 41738
Category : Beauty Sets
Designer note : Facial Mask Preparation Kit with 32Collagen Capsules. An automated face mask preparation device, designed to give you the ability to customize your masks and help you solve your skin problems within minutes, where you can add your choice of fruits, vegetables, or essences, or any kind of natural juice, and the device will turn any mixture you make into a face mask in no time! The process of making these masks will not only be fun, but also a safe for the skin, as the masks are homemade, ensuring they do not contain preservatives or compounds that damage the health and natural balance of the skin. The device comes with 64 capsules of active collagen peptides to form 64 different masks! The box contains: 1. Mask preparation device 2. Active collagen peptides capsules - 64 tablets 3. Tank with a capacity of 100 ml 4. Cleaning brush 5. Mask mold 6. Plastic brush 7. Power cord 8. User manual Enjoy using your own face masks Without worrying about any side effects on your skin! Usage: - The power cord is connected to the device - The power button is pressed until the device starts working - The top cover of the device is removed - The mask preparation setting is selected - In the tank inside the device, add 60 ml of water, 20 ml of the desired extract is added And one capsule of collagen peptides - the confirmation button is pressed to start the device preparing the mask - the device is left for five minutes until the LED indicator lights up to indicate the end of the preparation process - the mask mold is placed at the empty port at the bottom of the device, then the button is pressed to empty the device from Mask liquid - the mask is removed from the mold and then placed on the skin. Specifications SKU SC-0000587
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