AF | 52
Elegant Peach jalabia with em...

AED 880

K06 Abaya Set
Nude abaya set that includes a...

AED 800

K05 Abaya
Black abaya featuring a tiered...

AED 800

K04 Abaya
Black flowy chiffon abaya with...

AED 850

K03 Abaya
Black drape abaya with lace tr...

AED 900

K02 Abaya
Black flowy abaya with polka d...

AED 800

K01 Abaya
Colorblock Navy organza abaya ...

AED 750

I04 Under Abaya
Tiffany blue under abaya dress...

AED 400

I03 Under Abaya
Lavender under abaya dress wit...

AED 400

I02 Under Abaya
Beige under abaya dress with p...

AED 400

I01 Under abaya
Black under abaya dress with p...

AED 400

M002 Kaftan
Exquisite kaftan with hood, ad...

AED 580

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