Black Veil

Black Veil

The primary motto of Black Veil is simplicity meets creativity. We cater to the fashion-enthusiasts and provide a modern collection of modest wear with one-of-a-kind details.

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One of a kind fabric, featurin...

IQD 317736.00 IQD 397170.00

T Tucks - Ready
Black open-front abaya featuri...

IQD 357453.00

Ring Tie Abaya
Black structured abaya featuri...

IQD 194613.30

Dashed Abaya
Grey asymmetrical abaya featur...

IQD 397170.00

Glossy and shiny open-front ab...

IQD 278019.00

White Abaya
Elegant & Classy white open-fr...

IQD 317736.00

Ruffle Sleeve
This black abaya features an o...

IQD 357453.00

Collage Abaya
Fun, Quirky and Sporty abaya f...

IQD 238302.00

Pleated Shine
Black abaya featuring a shimme...

IQD 238302.00

Folded Blades
From Line & Fold Collection, t...

IQD 357453.00

Folded B -Ready
From Line & Fold Collection, t...

IQD 154896.30

Double Pleats
From Line & Fold Collection

IQD 357453.00