Fashion design leila

Fashion design leila

Fashion Design Leila carries clothing from casuals to evening wear. Our designs are classic and made especially for the modest fashionista who loves wearing traditional yet functional clothes.

3% OFF
Belted Jumpsuit
Purple belted silk jumpsuit fe...

RUB 12441.23 RUB 12877.40

4% OFF
Red Midi dress
Red Tiered midi dress featurin...

RUB 9948.83 RUB 10364.23

10% OFF
Shirt dress
Classic and chic white button-...

RUB 11215.80 RUB 12441.23

15% OFF
Angele dress
Chic floral dress featuring a ...

RUB 10364.23 RUB 12254.30

8% OFF
Lace abaya
Black Lace & Tulle wedding aba...

RUB 34270.50 RUB 37386.00

12% OFF
Moroccan Kaftan
Luxurious Embroidered kaftan i...

RUB 36347.50 RUB 41124.60

12% OFF
Red Hood Kaftan
Slightly loose red kaftan with...

RUB 14518.23 RUB 16408.30

9% OFF
Moroccan Kaftan
Exquisite kaftan featuring an ...

RUB 36866.75 RUB 40501.50

10% OFF
Black Kaftan
Black embellished kaftan with ...

RUB 37386.00 RUB 41540.00