Helya : // 𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘯 / trinket or ornament. حِلْية : (اسم) ما يتزين به من المصوغات أو الأحجار الكريمة A modern aesthetic inspired by ancient crafts, native flora and Middle Eastern heritage. Our collections are named after influential historical female figures and leaders. Founded by two sisters in Dubai who are passionate about Emirati culture, architecture and design. @helya.ae

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Artemisia Hook
The Artemisia earring, 18kt go...

KWD 24.64 KWD 24.80

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Helya Bracelet
The Artemisia Bracelet, 18kt g...

KWD 24.40 KWD 24.80

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Spike Pendant
The spike hook pendant, 18kt g...

KWD 28.80 KWD 29.20

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Spike Earring
The spike hook earring, 18kt g...

KWD 13.60 KWD 14.00

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The Shams Ring
Introducing the

KWD 14.80 KWD 15.60