Mthayel Al Ali

Mthayel Al Ali

Mthayel Al Ali an Emarati influencer who is born and raised in Sharjah, UAE and very passionate about change,media and knowledge.She is not only a queen of social media, with 696k followers,but also a budding entrepreneur, a loving feminist and a yoga enthusiast. (Despite all of this she still has time to play with her cats). Her agency Takhayyal specializes in social media and campaigns, with a special focus and understanding of Emarati culture. Self described as ‘a cloud-walker,’ Mthayel does live in the clouds of her own imagination and does not obey by theconventions of society. Her popular edgy sense of style allowed her to work with different international and local brands to fill the gap between the Emarati culture-oriented style and the latest fashion trends, by that, Mthayel is considered one of the gulf's trendsetter and beauty icons. She is dreamy, enthusiastic, genuine and courageous to always try new things and discover her true self.


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