Qasr Al Abaya Al Bahrainia

Qasr Al Abaya Al Bahrainia

Qasr Al Abaya Al Bahrainia is based in the UAE had set its ground in 1992, designing traditional Bahraini dresses, abayas and jalabiyas. In 2007, when the Abaya industry has grown exponentially, the first Boutique, Qasr Alabaya Albahrainia has been opened in Sharjah, showcasing our own fashion line inspired by our culture, adding small creative touches to our styles. Our goal from day one for our clients is to feel empowered and confident but yet practical.

QA 296 Abaya
Black Abaya with embellished l...

CAD 153.00

QA 301 Abaya
Black self-printed Abaya with ...

CAD 221.00

QA 329 Abaya
Formal Evening Twofer Abaya wi...

CAD 204.00

QA 411 Abaya
Black abaya with contrasting f...

CAD 163.20

QA 414 Abaya
Wedding Abaya in black with em...

CAD 170.00

QA 416 Abaya
Black abaya with scallop embro...

CAD 163.20

QA - 253
Abaya French cut; Double crape...

CAD 187.00

QA - 244
Abaya Crape with Black Tulle a...

CAD 187.00

QA - 262
Abaya Wide cloche Satin materi...

CAD 204.00

7% OFF
QA - 233
Open abaya with white dress an...

CAD 187.00 CAD 200.60

9% OFF
QA - 238
Abaya Lace from back and front...

CAD 163.20 CAD 180.20

27% OFF
QA - 220
Abaya crepe with buttons

CAD 119.00 CAD 163.20