Y N Design

Y N Design

YN Design is a unique and modern abaya line with a signature aethetic of patterns and colors.

Moon 🌙
Black abaya designed with vari...

BHD 89.90

Nature Abaya
Gray abaya adorned with variou...

BHD 87.00

Black travel set embellished w...

BHD 58.00

Lotus Abaya
Black abaya inspired by the lo...

BHD 84.00

The bud
Black abaya adorned with faux ...

BHD 93.00

Ocean abaya
Blue abaya designed with leaf-...

BHD 88.00

Minimal flower
A dress which is desinged with...

BHD 47.00

Flower pearl
Black abaya adorned with intri...

BHD 94.00

Fabric art
Black abaya designed with piec...

BHD 89.00

Minimal black
Black abaya designed with mini...

BHD 88.00

Palm Abaya
White abaya designed with palm...

BHD 92.00

Art abaya
Beige abaya designed with leav...

BHD 96.00