2FOUR Abaya

2FOUR Abaya

Appealing Designs and Quality for 24/7 of the day. Our hand-worked designs are made for modest, elegant and stand-out women of all ages .تصاميم عصرية تناسب جميع مدارات اليوم, نفذت بعناية يدوية للمرأة الواثقة والعملية

8% OFF
Full Embroidery
Black abaya with hand embroide...

AED 790 AED 860

5% OFF
Collar Abaya
Black collared cut abaya with ...

AED 620 AED 650

5% OFF
Blue Pleated
Front pleated straight cut blu...

AED 639 AED 670

10% OFF
Button Threads
Black abaya with black buttons...

AED 522 AED 580

11% OFF
Metallic Set
Elegant Organza abaya, featuri...

AED 670 AED 750

15% OFF
Blue Details
Black abaya with navy blue det...

AED 470 AED 550

10% OFF
Flap Neck Abaya
Black abaya with white embroid...

AED 513 AED 570

18% OFF
Pearl White Set
3 Piece set including abaya, i...

AED 530 AED 650

Double Layer
Black abaya with white panel d...

AED 450

Black abaya adorned with embel...

AED 470

Sleeve Design
Formal abaya with embroidered ...

AED 470

Wrap Abaya
Black bisht abaya with grey in...

AED 470