Almotamayiza Kaftan

Almotamayiza Kaftan

Almotamayiza Kaftan is a Saudi-born brand that offers traditional Kaftans in striking colors and prints.

QM005 قفطان Ready to ship
QM005 قفطان
قفطان (قطعتين) تفته ذهبي ملكي...

AED 3200

QM018 Kaftan Ready to ship
QM018 Kaftan
A gorgeous one-piece kaftan fe...

AED 3450

QM029 Kaftan Ready to ship
QM029 Kaftan
Off-white bridal Moroccan kaft...

AED 4200

QM015 Kaftan Ready to ship
QM015 Kaftan
Black one-piece kaftan with me...

AED 3000

QM012 Kaftan Ready to ship
QM012 Kaftan
2-piece set featuring a patter...

AED 2890

QM011 Kaftan Ready to ship
QM011 Kaftan
2-piece set featuring a dotted...

AED 2890